Polini Thor 303 289cc Carbon Fiber 130cm Propeller 3 Blade 2.8
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Polini Thor 303 289cc Carbon Fiber 130cm Propeller 3 Blade 2.8

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3 Blade, 130cm Carbon Fiber propeller for Polini Thor 303 2.8 reduction

Buy an E-prop from us and SAVE,SAVE, SAVE.
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E-props propellers are the lightest propellers in the world. Flying with a light propeller has many advantages. Quicker spool up gets you in the air faster so you don't have to run like Forrest, less gyro effect, less vibration, less stress on the pulley bearings and.......moooooore thrust (a much needed item on a ZERO wind day). 

All blades are made with RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) vs hand laid (way more resin than necessary, heavy)
This in the same process AIRBUS and BOEING use to make their parts.

Eprops are made from 100% carbon braided material (HCF). This means there is NO upper or lower halves that are glues together (more heavy, requires MORE resin). The HCF process allows E-props to make a blade with a single material vs other mfg's that use 50% fiberglass and 1 thin layer of carbon (calling it a carbon fiber propeller). Less resin and more carbon equals a super strong, lightweight part. The blades have over 60% carbon fiber making them some of the strongest and lightest props in the world.

Thick blade hub

All blades are built with a 38mm spacer. This spacer helps reduce vibration, engine resonance in the blade, and lowers the noise by 4-5 dB.




Plug n Fly allows you to slide the 2 halves together and bolt the propeller on in minutes. 

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